Students help firefighters to honor 9/11

The firefighters gave students a lift in the bucket of one of the trucks

Students from Springfield High School in Springfield Township, continued tradition, by helping their local firefighters, in memory of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

The students at Springfield High School, who are a part of Students in Action, a youth program supporting volunteerism, helped their local firefighters at the Springfield Township fire department Station #2 - a tradition that began last year.

Student Nate Gillette, mentioned why the students are helping.

â??We wanted to take up President Obamaâ??s challenge to provide service in memory of the 9/11 attacks. We decided, locally, to support our firefighters by washing their trucks and other machinery.â??

William Montrie, Captain of the Springfield Township fire department Station #2, commented as well.

â??They are just coming in to spend time and show they appreciate what we do.â??

The students helping last year and plan to dedicate a day, on or around September 11, to help with the daily chores their local firefighters conduct everyday.

Gillette concludes, â??today has been a really fun experience for me, just going in, the mentality to enjoy it. It serves as work, but really it is a lot of fun for me.â??