Students mourn the loss of freshman killed by train

It happened in the blink of an eye. A fast moving Amtrak train hit two Springfield high school students, killing 15 year old freshman Cody Brown and critically injuring 16 year old sophomore Briana Mullinger.

We used to be like best friends, yea really close, said Springfield sophomore Mallori Hartford

Hartford lives just across the road from Briana and they've known each other since middle school.

Funniest girl I ever met. Everybody loved her, she loved everybody. Nicest person ever, said Hartford.

Police say it looks like the two students had plenty of warning that a train was coming.

From all indications the gates were down and the train had sounded its horn according to witnesses, said Ohio Highway Patrol Lieutenant Dean Laubacher.

While officers are still trying to figure out exactly what happened, word around school is that the boy who died is a hero.

Cody pushed ~Bree TM out of the way and Cody just saved ~Bree's TM life. That's what people are saying. A lot of my friends saw it.

The train still hit the girl.

Emergency crews rushed Briana to UTMC in critical condition.

The Mullinger family released a statement this afternoon where they express gratitude to the community.

In it they say the family, "definitely feels and appreciates the outpouring of care, concern, and prayers from so many people in the community... Our deepest sympathy and condolences goes to the family of Cody Brown.

As for students and staff, Grief counselors will be on hand to help them deal with the loss of one of their favorites.

He was an outstanding kid. He was funny, fun to be with. He was a cool kid, said Hartford.

And people will cling on to hope that the one who survived will make it through surgery.