Students must make up for any more snow days

For students at many local schools, this Christmas break seems like it will never end.

"It's felt like forever. It feels like I've been gone a whole summer," says Nate Powazki, a high school senior.

The usual holiday time off was extended due to severe winter weather, making the normal two week vacation into three weeks, better resembling a college break.

The Ohio Department of Education allows each district days off for situations like snow days, but there is a limit.

"School districts across Ohio are allowed five calamity days. Then after that, there has to be some plan. And if you go beyond that, you have to make those up," says Sylvania schools superintendent, Dr. Brad Rieger.

Sylvania schools district has reached that limit of five, along with numerous other districts including Swanton, Oregon, and Washington Local.

No more free days, and plenty of winter left.

Rieger says, "If weather in the next couple months dictates that we have to delay or close, I'll go ahead and do that on behalf of student safety. Then we have a contingency plan."

If more than five days are missed, up to three can be made online. After that, it's back to class for kids to make-up days.

And while students loved having the added time off, if there are any more this year, and make-up days will run into summer vacation, but maybe not for everyone.

Powazki says, "I think, that being a senior, I won't have to be there for those days. If that's true, I'm fine with that. Let's just take as many days as we can now."

But for everyone else, the extra week off means schedules must be altered.

Rieger says, "We're now on our third exam schedule plan based on the success of closures this week."

As of right now, the last week off was free and clear. But for many districts, they've reached their limit, and those that haven't, are very close.

Starting in the 2014-2015 school year, the 182 required days of class, will be changed to 1,001 hours for high school. That is equivalent to 143, seven hour school days.

Right now the average hours in a school year in Ohio is 1,272 per student.