Students raise hundreds of dollars for Texas with penny contest

Students presented the check to the Red Cross Wednesday.

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO) Horizon Science Academy Toledo students raised $747.63 for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

The money was gathered one penny at a time during a school-wide penny war.

Students presented the check to the Red Cross Wednesday.

Student ambassadors and the robotics team organized the event and produced fliers, posters and a commercial to advertise the fundraiser.

"Lots of people have been affected not only in Texas, but also at home," said Student Ambassador Jersey McClendon. "People here know people that lived in Texas or have families and whatnot. A lot of people are just touched by the moment."

One of those students with ties to Texas is Desarae Townsend, a Junior at Horizon.

"I knew that I have friends and family down in Texas and I know they're suffering badly," said Townsend. "If it was us, I would want people to do the same for us. So it was really hard to watch because a lot of their things are getting destroyed down there."

The Junior and Senior class won the penny contest. That means they get a pizza and ice cream party.

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