Study finds kids TM cereals loaded with sugar

Report shows only a quarter of kids' cereals meet government guidelines for sugar limits / Source: flickr (Independent Picture Service)

Would you give your child a Twinkie for breakfast? How about three cookies? Most parents would say no, but interestingly enough, you could be doing just that without even knowing it.

According to a new report by the Environmental Working Group your kid's morning bowl of cereal may have more sugar than three chocolate chip cookies or one Twinkie.

The group reviewed 84 popular brands and says only a quarter of children's cereals meet government guidelines for limits on sugar. It also lists the 10 worst children TMs cereals, based on percent sugar by weight. Topping the list is Kellogg's Honey Smacks with 55.6%, followed by Post Golden Crisp at 51.9%, and Kellogg TMs Froot Loops Marshmallow is third on the list with 48.3%. And some cereal makers are firing back. Kellogg's says it has cut sugar in its cereal by 16 percent. And it says its cereals only make up a small part of added sugar in the U-S diet.

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