Study: Free drugs reduce heart attack risk

Free drugs can help heart attack survivors cut risk of a second attack. / RambergMediaImages (Flickr)

There may be "no such thing as a free lunch," but there could very well be free drugs in the near future.

A Harvard Medical School study reveals participants who were offered free medications after a heart attack cut their risk of suffering another one. And the "free" part actually helps patients save about $500 for health care over a year without raising costs for insurers.

Is it too good to be true? Researchers also revealed that only half of the patients in the study filled their prescriptions even though they were free.

The Associated Press reports Aetna, the insurance company that sponsored the study, will offer cholestrerol-lowering statin drugs for free or with a reduced copay to heart attack survivors based on the results.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)