Study: Low-income mothers admit to 'formula stretching'

Study: 1 in 8, moms made ends meet by watering down their babiesâ?? formula.

Even with government food assistance programs, 'formula stretching,' is becoming a growing trend for some low-income mothers.

According to a new study published online in Clinical Pediatrics, watering-down formula is the only way for some moms to keep their babies fed.

Researchers conducted a 37-question survey asking 144 parents who often visit a health clinic that is frequented by low-income families about food availability.

The study found 30 percent of parents who brought their infants to an inner city children's clinic didnâ??t have enough food to make it through each month.

"We knew this was a high-risk population, but these numbers are still staggering, said study co-author Andrew Beck, according to MSN."

Patient age, parental age, education, race, ethnicity and source of insurance were also factored into the study.

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