Study: Ohio's well-being fifth lowest in country

<p> <font size="2">The complete findings of the Gallup study will be released next month.</font> </p>

The well-being of Ohio residents is among the worst in the country, according to a recent Gallup study.

More than 176,000 people from all 50 states were asked questions on their physical and mental well-being for the study. Only two statesâ?? residents had lower evaluations of their lives.

Mental health professionals in the Toledo area say seasonal depression and poverty are two possible reasons for the low well-being score.

Dr. Linda Myerholtz of Mercy Health Partners said about a tenth of the areaâ??s residents suffer from seasonal depression.

â??It really starts to impact a personâ??s functioning, where theyâ??re maybe having trouble in their interpersonal relationships,â?? Dr. Myerholtz said. â??Having trouble working effectively.â??

Dr. Myerholtz recommends getting as much sunlight as possible. She said the more natural light someone is exposed to, the less likely they are to experience seasonal depression.

Harbor counselors treat people with seasonal affective disorder, but poverty is also a top stressor for their patients.

â??We see people coming in with multiple stressors because theyâ??re homeless, they donâ??t have enough food,â?? Harbor Team Leader Valerie Liebert said. â??They donâ??t have access to healthcare, have transportation problems.â??

The complete findings of the Gallup study will be released next month.