Study shows legalizing marijuana decreases traffic deaths

A new study speculates how states with legalized marijuana laws have less traffic deaths.

Does taking a trip make it safer for trips? A new study claims lighting up legally actually helps decrease traffic fatalities.

Two college professors studied the accident rate in states that legalized medical marijuana and found traffic deaths decreased by almost nine percent.

Professor Daniel Rees told The Denver Post it could mean the younger crowd is consuming less alcohol in favor of pot--The study also found a correlation between marijuana use and a reduction in alcohol sales among the 21-29 year old crowd.

"The result that comes through again and again and again is [that] young adults ... drink less when marijuana is legalized and traffic fatalities go down," Rees said.

Not everyone in the scientific community is buying that a casaul relationship between marijuana use and traffic fatalities exists, but the study's authors hope it will add new perspective to the legalization debate.

What do you think, are these researchers on to something or just blowing smoke? Weigh in below.

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