Suitcase puppies find foster home

Two of the six puppies abandoned in a suitcase.

All six suitcase puppies and their mother have been placed in an undisclosed foster home, according to Toledo Area Humane Society's John Dinon.

The English bull dogs made national headlines after they were found abandoned in a zipped up canvas bag in North Toledo. The puppies are still weening and will need at least four weeks of foster care.

Their legal status is unclear, so they are not yet eligible for adoption.

In a court hearing last week, the man accused of abandoning the puppies said he is not the owner, despite the fact that his contact information was still attached to a luggage tag on the bag.

Howard Davis, 53, faces charges of one count of animal cruelty and two counts of abandoning animals.

Dinon said nothing can be done with the puppies until the probable cause, or disposition, hearing is held in Toledo Municipal Court to determine that the humane society cruelty officer acted properly in seizing the property, if Davis is entitled to get his property back or if indeed Davis is not the dogs' owner.

A hearing is scheduled Tuesday along with Davis' arraignment.