Summer car care tips

Is your car ready for the summer months?

The summer months are heating up and drivers want to make sure their cars can handle the change in seasons.

AAA has some basic car care tips that car owners can use before hitting the road for their summer travels. According to AAA, drivers should check their battery because the extra heat can drain the power.

"Heat evaporates battery fluid, damaging internal plates and speeding up corrosion. So when the mercury reaches 90 or higher, and temps under the hood reach 140 degrees, watch out. Electronic devices such as satellite radios, GPS systems or portable DVD players simply make matters worse, increasing the demand on stressed batteries." AAA officials say on the company's website.

Drivers should also make sure their cooling system is working with good coolant so they don't end up overheating.

"Older coolants used to require changing every two years or 24,000 miles, but most modern formulations are good for at least five years and 50,000 miles."

For more car care tips check out AAA's website.

Is your car ready for summer? Leave a comment below about how you get your car in shape for the hot months.