Sunshine, comfort through the weekend

TOLEDO - The run of fair comfortable weather marches on into the middle of August - at least!

Another nice weekend is at hand as sunshine and comfort will be with us through the weekend. Canadian high pressure is again our weather maker and should keep most of the showers and storms rolling through the Ohio Valley to our south. That storm will throw some clouds and humidity our way before the weekend is out but the high pressure should win out to make it another weekend to search for outdoor fun.


Extended weather forecast

Skies will be partly cloudy today with a mix of cumulous and cirrus clouds drifting through from time to time. Actually, to make things easy on us all, I'll just say that we can expect more of what we'll see today again on Saturday and Sunday: Partly cloudy skies with seasonable highs in the low and mid 80's. The only change in the forecast is that relative humidity will ramp up over time and with dewpoint temps inching into the mid 60's by Sunday it will be getting a little bit stick... the Comfort Index will go down and the Sweat Index will be on the rise. Sunday will be a great day to head for the pool or out on the rivers and lakes.

We need some rain as the dry month of July stretchs into August. We are nearly 3" below normal for Meteorological Summer. Our next shot at rain won't offer much benefit as we will likely only be seeing scattered showers and isolated storms late Monday into the day Tuesday.

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Behind that weak storm system guess what's in store. Another dome of Canadian high pressure delivering another stretch of sunshine, low humidity and comfortable highs in the 70's. What a summer we're having...if we could only get a few days of soaking rain (during the week please:)