Super Bowl Sunday no ordinary day at Dunder Mifflin

Most people know the Super Bowl is one of the most-watched events on American television every year.But it also provides a pretty big audience for the show that follows it.This year, that show is NBC's "The Office."To say Sunday TMs no ordinary day at Dunder Mifflin, is an understatement."It's gonna be completely insane, to be honest," said actor John Krasinksi.An all new hour of "The Office" right after the Super Bowl."As soon as it's over, most people need to go to the bathroom, so we need to catch them before they do that," said actress Kate Flannery.Talk about pressure."I heard one trillion people will be watching," said actor Brian Baumgartner.Which means this one better be really good."I don't think we've ever worked so hard on an episode in the history of our show," actress Jenna Fischer said.The producers are pulling out all the stops.The stunt people had to be called in because as Rainn Wilson puts it,"Dwight gets in the worst trouble he's ever gotten in."And as if that weren't bad enough, there's another brainstorm.Steve Carell TMs character decides to roasts himself.If roasts and fire drills aren't enough to keep you around there's also big time movie stars, Jack Black and Jessica Alba.They show up, not in person, but via a bootlegged movie that also features Cloris Leachman."She is that extra seasoning. That extra spice to the pot that makes for a delicious comedy gumbo," said Carell.It better be good, we're talking monster lead in.