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      Supporters react to candidates performance

      Wednesday night's debate centered on domestic policy. Everyone is breaking down the candidates performance. Supporters for each candidate is happy with how their guy did.

      E yes were glued on TV's in watch parties like one in Toledo. Most supporters here are already back President Obama but wanted to hear just a little more from both men.

      " T hey're talking about jobs, but they haven't gotten very specific on jobs, and they haven't discussed to much about jobs going overseas very slightly , " explains Obama supporter Virginia Cunningham.

      M eanwhile , R epublican supporters for Mitt Romney were also closely following the debate. For them, they feel their candidate was strong especially on the economy,"we're going to see whether or not there's a plan to actually put more money in our take home pay and bring home a bigger check for middle Americans," explains Matthew Bartaw.

      S upporters like Bartow hope Romney's performance tonight will be a game changer, "I think you're going to see a lot of things change after tonight."

      N ow that the first debates are in the book , t here will be two more debates between the candidates. The next one is scheduled for October 16th at Hofstra University.