Sure sign summer is near, Cedar Point opens this weekend

One of the dinosaurs featured in Cedar Point's newest attraction

For rollercoaster lovers, it is the surest sign that summer is right around the corner. Cedar Point opens for the season this weekend.

One of the new attractions at the Sandusky park is the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit. It's being billed as both thrilling and educational and is supposed to give park visitors an up close look at jurassic giants.

There are 50 animatronic dinos in the exhibit each scaled perfectly to give an accurate sense of their true size millions of years ago. The exhibit sits under a rollercoaster at the park.

The park has also come up with a way for people to skip long lines. It's called, "Fast Lane." For an extra fee, riders basically get to jump to the front of the line on nearly 20 rides.

And don't forget this year, there will be no Wildcat rollercoaster. Cedar Point shut it down permanently because of low ridership.

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