Survival app helps navigate winter storms

Screenshot of the Winter Survival Kit app for iPhone.

The "Winter Survival Kit" is a free app available on both iPhone and Android platforms. The goal is to prepare motorists for winter driving and to act as a beacon when you find yourself stranded on the road by a winter storm.

One of the developers of the new system, Bob Bertsche, hopes to arm people with information that will help keep them safe and "literally save someone's life."

The app can pinpoint users locations via GPS, enable calls to 911 and notify family and friends. A big goal is to teach people to stay with their cars if they become stranded by a blizzard and to make sure that the tailpipe of your car is clear of snow to avoid a backup, which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

The app also gives guidance on putting together a winter survival kit to keep with you in your car in case you fnd yourself stranded. Check out the free app by searching "Winter Survival Kit".

For more on the features: Yahoo