Suspect accused of killing wife faces Canada extradition

Kyle Sheppard faces murder charges for killing his wife Katie Sheppard in November if he is extradited back to Toledo.

A Canadian court said it will not stand in the way of bringing a Toledo murder suspect, accused of killing his wife last year, back to Toledo.

Kyle Sheppard faces murder charges for the November killing of his wife Katie Sheppard if he is extradited back to Toledo. Sheppard fled to Canada on the same day of the alleged murder. Once over the border, Sheppard

turned himself into Canadian officials


WNWO obtained a 13-page court document from a Superior Court from the District of Montreal that details the extradition order.

Court documents indicate a concerned friend of Katie asked Toledo Police to check up on her after she had not returned any calls or showed up to work on November 2.

When police arrived at the Rivard Rd. home Katie shared with her husband, an officer located her body, wrapped in a blanket with a belt around her neck, according to court records.

The document also outlines that Kyle, once detained in Canada, admitted to Police Constable Turcotte that he had strangled his wife to death. Turcotte is expected to testify that Kyle confirmed his suspicions of her cheating by "looking in her cellphone."

The date for Sheppardâ??s extradition has not been determined. The decision of the court can be appealed.

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