Suspect confesses in grisly Oregon murder

Shaun Brazeal / Facebook

A man who was reportedly having an affair with the victim's wife, has confessed to participating in the murder of that woman's husband.

According to Oregon Police, Shawn W. Brazeal,20, of 2308 Chestnut St. in Toledo told police that he held Devin McGuire,35, while McGuire's wife, Jennelle McGuire stabbed "15-20 times" in the chest.

Devin McGuire's body was found, face down in a drainage ditch in the 1900 block of Stadium Road in Oregon on Tuesday. Police were able to use tattoos on McGuire's body to identify him.

According to a warrant filed in Toledo Municipal Court on Thursday, Oregon detectives obtained a full confession from Brazeal and believed there was evidence to be retrieved at his residence at 2308 Chestnut St. in north Toledo.

According the warrant, Brazeal told detectives that Jennelle McGuire had talked killing her husband, "for some time."

According to Brazeal, Jennelle confronted her husband at approximately 11:00 PM on August 17, telling him that she was leaving him. When Devin McGuire arose from the bed, Brazeal placed him in a wrestling hold he called a "Master Lock," that pinned his hands and arms above his head, rendering him partially defenseless. At that point, Jennelle began stabbing Devin in the chest, "Approximately 15-20 times."

An autopsy by the Lucas County Coroner determined that Devin McGuire had been stabbed 22 times in the chest.

Once Devin McGuire stopped struggling, Brazeal placed him on the bathroom floor. But when blood started to collect on the floor, he placed the body in the bathtub.

Jennelle McGuire and Shaun Brazeal then started digging a grave in the backyard of the mobile home lot on which their trailer was situated at 1860 Plympton Circle in Oregon. After an hour of working, the couple found gravedigging to be "too difficult." So they placed Brazeal's body in a wheeled garbage container and Brazeal pushed the garbage can to the creek at South Shore Park, along Stadium Road.

To conceal the body, Brazeal placed plastic garbage bags over Devin McGuire's head and feet. He then dragged the body into a culvert and placed a blanket over his body, securing it with rocks, to further obscure it from direct observation.

According to Oregon Police, no one reported Devin McGuire's disappearance.

Jennelle McGuire and Shawn Brazeal were located and apprehended by U.S. Marshals at the home located at 2308 Chestnut St. on Wednesday The two apparently moved in together at that address shortly after the murder.

According to the warrant that was served and returned to the Toledo Municipal Court, Oregon detectives seized three steak knives, a steak fork, four red shirts, and a laptop computer from the home at 2308 Chestnut St.

Brazeal and McGuire were arraigned Thursday in Oregon Municipal Court, each of them facing one charge of murder. Both pleaded not guilty and bond was set at $500,000 each. Brazeal is due back in court on Friday to have a public defender appointed. McGuire has counsel and has a preliminary hearing in Oregon Municipal Court on September 9.

Brazeal and McGuire are currently incarcerated in the Lucas County Jail.