SUV crashes into Wendy's drive-thru

Authorities responded to calls around 11:30 a.m. at west Toledo Wendy's.

Toledo, OH - An SUV crashed into a Wendy's fast-food drive-thru Thursday at about 11:30 in the morning.

Authorities responded to calls that a vehicle had driven into the drive-thru window of the Wendy's at 1950 W. Laskey near Jackman.

A 2012 Jeep Liberty had to be pulled from the side of the restaurant by a tow truck.

Robert Campbell was next in line as the SUV came around the corner, "Guy just went around us. He scared us he went around us so fast. It sounded like he was racing. Real, real loud, like he was getting ready to race."

The SUV, driven by 59-year-old Joseph Lisowski, plowed into the side of the building.

Several witnesses reported that Lisowski never hit the brakes. Lisowski told police that the automobile accelerated on its own.

Lisowski also told police he had two beers and "some" alcohol.

The police report states that two bottles of brandy were found under the passenger seat, one of which was opened.

Two Wendy's employees were taken to Toledo Hospital for minor injuries.

Lisowski refused a blood test, and was sited for an OVI at the scene.