Sylvania businesses profited from Marathon Classic

The owners of businesses on Main Street in Sylvania always look forward to the LPGA's annual tournament in Sylvania. Laurie Stansley owns Chandler Cafe. "A lot of money comes into Sylvania and it's great for the businesses on Main Street," Ms. Stansley said. Each day last week the Chandler Cafe was packed at lunchtime. "We had a golfer in here, I don't remember her name but I think she likes coming here because she has come at least two years in a row now," Ms. Stansley said.

Pat Nowak, Executive Director of the Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce, says the tournament brings prestige and economic opportunities to the area. "When national events come to town it provides opportunities for economic development," Mrs. Nowak said.

In addition to businesses on Main Street homeowners adjacent to Highland Meadows Golf Club made thousands of dollars by charging anywhere from $3-$5 to park on their lawns.