Sylvania couple at center of embryo mix-up thanks northwest Ohio

Carolyn and Sean Savage sit in studio on NBC24 Today, Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011.

Carolyn and Sean Savage have been through an incredibly challenging journey of heart break, and now, the Sylvania couple at the center of a shocking embryo mix-up is thanking the northwest Ohio community for all their support.

Over two years ago, the Savages were shocked to find out that their fertility clinic had made an inconceivable mistake and had implanted Carolyn with the embryo of another couple. "How they discovered (the mix-up) is incredible," Sean told NBC24.

In Sept. 2009, Carolyn gave birth to a healthy baby boy, at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center, minutes before Sean handed the newborn over to his biological parents.

The Sylvania couple, who has three healthy children of their own, talked about their ordeal on NBC24 Today Thursday morning. They shared their story and how they hope their new book will help others persevere through the hardships they are faced with. "We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody in Toledo and in northwest Ohio," said Carolyn in an interview with Kelly Heidbreder Thursday. "(It) felt like we were walking this road alone. When people found out the support was amazing."

Sean and Carolyn are inviting people facing challenges to visit their book website to share their stories. "We want to do good with this. We want to reach out to folks."

Watch the Savages sit down with NBC's Meredith Vieira to share their story with Dateline.