Sylvania couple tells world their 'Inconceivable' story

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Carolyn and Sean Savage have been through an incredibly challenging journey of heart break, and now, the Sylvania couple is ready to tell the world all about it.

Over two years ago, the Savages were shocked to find out that their fertility clinic had made an inconceivable mistake .

The couple had successfully used in-vitro fertilization before and were blessed with a beautiful third child. They were also left with extra embryos that could be used in the future. However, after deciding to try for a fourth child, the Savages were delivered the news that although Carolyn was pregnant, she had been mistakenly implanted with another couple's embryo.

"I was sitting in my office...and received a call from the physician who performed the transfer. He let me know at that moment, in almost one sentence, that Carolyn was pregnant, but they had thawed and transferred another couple's embryos. I immediately went to how was I going to tell Carolyn," said Sean.

"I was upstairs in my bedroom, and (Sean) came through the door and he just said 'I have really bad news.'," Carolyn told WNWO in 2009. "He said you're pregnant, but they transferred the wrong embryo. He was white as a sheet."

The worst news of their lives, according to Sean, quickly turned into an unconditional love for a baby boy they would "nuture into this world, but could not raise."

Shannon and Paul Morrell, of Sterling Heights, Mich., are the couple whose child Carolyn carried to full term.

Rather than sue for custody of the boy, who Carolyn gave birth to in Sept. 2009, the Savages, rooted in their faith, gave the infant to his genetic parents.

Now, over one year later, the Savages feel it is time to tell their story, in their own words. Inconceivable will be released on Monday, Feb. 14, Valentine's Day. The book, written by Carolyn and Sean, chronicles the entire experience of the Savage family, from the start and into the next stage of their journey.

"We hope that by sharing our story with the world, we can help those facing difficult challenges and leave behind a record for a young boy to know his life, to us, will always be a gift," the Savages say on their website.

Carolyn and Sean's story was featured on Dateline NBC last week. The couple sat down with TODAY's Meredith Vieira to share startling details behind their story and the personal sacrifices they made to protect the young boy they brought into the world. The program aired on WNWO on Friday, Feb. 11.

Inconceivable hits store shelves Monday, Feb. 14. Stores open at 9:00 a.m. and the first 30 people in the door at Barnes & Noble can purchase an autographed copy of the book. Same goes for the first 30 people in the door at Books-A-Million and the first 10 customers at Borders.

The couple, who say they are very appreciative of all the support they have received from members of the northwest Ohio community, plan to personally thank everyone they meet at their book-signing events. The events will be held:

Thursday, Feb. 17 at Barnes & Noble, Monroe St. at 7:00 p.m.Saturday, Feb. 19 at Books-A-Million, Levis Commons at 4:30 p.m.

Dateline NBC poses this tough question: Is it harder to give away something of your own nature, or something that you've nurtured? What do you think? Leave a comment below.