Sylvania Extreme Couponer wins All-Star round

Joni Meyer-Crothers and her husband Jamie make it throught the check out with almost $2,000 in groceries and only paid $10 in tax. All items were donated to a local charity in Genoa, Ohio.

If you love to save a few bucks clipping coupons, can you imagine saving thousands? Sylvania mom, Joni Meyer-Crothers does it all of the time. She is one of the stars on TLCâ??s hit show, Extreme Couponing and has now made their all-star team.

This time around, she has to go up against another extreme couponer and see who can get the most items, pay the least, and do it all within 30 minutes.

â??As hyper as we are, we are pretty over the top on this one,â?? said Joni.

She has already given thousands of dollars in donations to local pantries with her clipping talents. She even has a popular weekly blog called, where she posts local coupon match ups so other shoppers can save. So TLC producers are putting the best couponers up against each other for the coveted golden cart trophy. She was in her favorite grocery store in her hometown of Genoa for this race. And her competitor Jen Freeman, was in Vegas at her favorite store.

Joni said, â??I was a little nervous just because I think I'm a fast shopper, but when you're up against a clock with 30 minutes and I am putting a whole lot of stuff in my cart! You just don't know!â??

Joni's family and friends were there to cheer her on. And her husband Jamie coached her from the front of the store. She talks about the coupon competition and said, â??At one point in the race, Jamie says 15, I thought he said 15 minutes! And I'm like, Oh my goodness! I'm only down the third isle! How is this possible?â??

She had to come up with a solid strategy to get more items than Jen and make sure her coupons matched up! And at one point... Joni thinks she may not make it!

â??I bent down to load the cat litter and I started seeing stars and I thought, Iâ??m going down for the count,â?? she said.

The two ladies head to the checkout for the real test! Joni flew through the isles easily and finished first with about 17 minutes on the clock. Jen hand more trouble finding her products in the isles and lost count. This could cost her the race. With the ladies at two different cities across the country, they have no idea how their competitor is doing.

Jen had over $1,800 in grocery items in her car before the coupons came off. She was held up in the checkout lane when a stack of coupons wouldnâ??t scan. The store manager helped sort through the confusion, but Jen was on pins and needles. In the final tally, Jen only paid 69 cents and saved an amazing 99.96 percent savings.

Joni heads to the checkout with confidence and flies through easily. She had a long train of carts ready to ring up and was able to gather over $1,968 of items. â??OK, now for the coupons,â?? she said. â??Hereâ??s the magic!â?? as she handed over her envelope full of coupons to the clerk.

And magic it was! After scanning thousands of coupons, Joni brought her total down to nothing for 100 percent savings. Her family erupted with cheers. She was the winner in this All-Star challenge and her family and will move on to the next level in the race for the golden cart trophy going head to head with another winner. â??I think I am feeling a little bad for Jen,â?? says Joni. â??I think I will have to send her a box of tissues.â??

â??We wonâ??t send her a box of tissues, we will send her a coupon for a box of tissues,â?? her husband Jamie chuckled.

â??We donate everything we collected today,â?? says Joni. Her donation went to the Genoa Food Bank. â??So in my mind, our communities are the real winners. There are so many people you can help by just clipping a few coupons and I will coupon forever.â??

Here are some of Joniâ??s shopping tips: