Sylvania man selling Marathon Classic parking for 25 years

SYLVANIA, Oh. -- The Marathon Classic is one of the biggest events in Northwest Ohio bringing in thousands of fans and they all need a place to park. Every time the Marathon Classic rolls around you can find James Holland in his front yard directing traffic.

"When it starts there's gonna be a lot of people in here," said Holland. "We'll be turning cars away, probably in the afternoon because we just can't get anymore cars in here."

Holland charges $4 per vehicle to park at his home located across from Highland Meadows on Erie Street. It's a small charge considering Holland watches over all the cars in his yard all day long.

James has been selling parking spots for the tournament for 25 years. "The first time we did it was two weeks after we moved in. We weren't even unpacked yet and we were parking cars out here."

The best part for Holland is catching up with repeat customers, who quickly become his friends.

"Most of the people that park here have parked here for years and years and I've known them for 20 years or so," said Holland.

And the best part about it, at the end of the tournament, Holland uses the money he's earned to take his wife on a vacation.