Sylvania mom implanted with wrong embryo

A Sylvania couple is facing what should be a time of happiness and celebration in their lives as they await the birth of a child. Yet, for Carolyn and Sean Savage, this pregnancy has been a painful journey after learning that they will have to give up the child because of a doctor's mistake.

The Savages has used in-vitro fertilization before. After several miscarriages, the couple attempted IVF and were blessed with their third child, Mary Kate, about 18 months ago. They were also left with extra embyros that could be used again.

So, about a year ago, the Savages planned to use the extra embryos for child number four.

"I was sitting in my office...and received a call from the physician who performed the transfer. He let me know at that moment, in almost one sentence, that Carolyn was pregnant, but they had thawed and transferred another couple's embryos. I immediately went to how was I going to tell Carolyn," said Sean.

Carolyn had no idea she had been implanted with the wrong embryos, "I was upstairs in my bedroom, and (Sean) came through the door and he just said 'I have really bad news.' He said you're pregnant, but they transferred the wrong embryo. He was white as a sheet."

Sean says it was the worst news of their lives.

The Savages had felt that they needed to give each embryo they created a chance at life. So, in February of 2009, they had their embryos thawed in an effort to have a fourth child. The implant took and Carolyn soon became pregnant. However, it was not long after that she learned she was carrying another couple's child. "We had an option to terminate and (the doctor) made it clear to us that if we chose to continue the pregnancy that we would have to give the baby back."

Several months later, the Savages reached out to the other couple, whose child Carolyn was carrying. "They came into the room and we all kind of stood up. It was very cordial and we shook hands," said Carolyn.

According to the Savages, the other couple was grateful for what they had done. "I think she started (the meeting) with a thank you," said Sean.

Within a week or so, Carolyn is to give birth to a baby she will have to hand to someone else - the hardest part in this long and heartbreaking journey. "The hardest part is the delivery. I remember communicating with the mother of this child as to what I was envisioning and hoping for. I said, 'We want a moment to say hello and goodbye.' That'll be hard."

The Savages have yet to reveal the name of the fertility clinic or doctor involved in the mix-up. They do say that because of the situation, Carolyn will not be able to carry another baby to term.

The couple plans to hire a surrogate mother to carry their next child for them, through in-vitro fertilization.

--NBC24 reporter Lou Hebert contributed to this report.