Sylvania runner with pacemaker honored as Medtronic Global Hero

A Sylvania woman with a pacemaker and defibrillator will be honored as a "Medtronic Global Hero" when she runs in the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon next month.

Linda Shaw says Medtronic devices have enhanced her life and enable her to run 15 to 20 miles a week. She was chosen to participate in the 10 mile race because of her own method of inspiring people to take control of their own health: her colorful running costumes.

"Before the pacer, I was pretty fast. Once I had the device put in, I felt I still needed to participate, but with a different frame of mind--helping more people, encouraging more people... and the costumes make people laugh, they create spirit, they create enthusiasm." she said.

Each runner in the marathon has a medical device to treat conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, spinal disorders, chronic pain or neurological disorders. According to the Medtronic's website, the Global Heroes program, launched in 2006, celebrates their accomplishments and passion for running, which serves as an inspiration to others living with chronic diseases.

Shaw will travel to Minneapolis with a friend on Oct. 7 to compete in the race. In addition to providing race entry and travel expenses, the Medtronic Foundation will donate $1,000 in honor of each runner to a non-profit patient organization that educates and supports people who live with the Global Hero's condition.

"Every person knows their own body, nobody can tell you what your body is saying," Shaw said. "Listen to your body, find somebody that you can trust and develop a good health plan on life."

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