Sylvania schools plan cuts to staff, classes

The Sylvania Public School District plans to cut 12.4% of its staff in an effort to make up for a $6 million budget shortfall.

Concerned parents and staff packed Southview High School Monday evening to listen and weigh in on decisions made by the school board.

The board also announced increased sports participation fees and classes cut including several AP and honors courses. At the high school, class sizes would increase from 23 to 28 students.

The board also plans to lay off some transportation staff by consolidating bus routes. Layoff notices to teachers and staff will not be issued until final approval in late February.

Sylvania does plan to ask the community to pass another levy.

A public forum is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 13, for residents to express their opinions about the planned budget cuts. The meeting will be held at Southview High School and begins at 7:00 p.m.

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