Sylvania teen's autism crusade

In January, Chloe Rothschild of Sylvania sent an e-mail to WNWO telling us about the blog that she writes about autism. Through her blog,, Chloe hopes to change the way people look at and treat people with autism. Chloe's crusade began after she had a bad experience last summer at a camp for kids with autism. "I was really excited and I thought it was going to be fun and that they would undersatnd me, but they didn't and it was a miserable experience," Chloe said.

Chloe is a youth leader in the Autism Global Initiative. Earlier this year she spoke at an autism conference in New Jersey. "I had the experience of going to Newark, New Jersey to talk about autism and my traumatic camp experience," Chloe said.

Chloe's mom Sue is proud of the impact that Chloe is making in the lives of people affected by autism. "Friends and family are sharing her articles with people and it is reaching people who have autism and people who don't know anything about autism," Mrs. Rothschild said.

Chloe is a contributing writer for She writes an article each month. Her article publshed on May 12 has been shared on Facebook over 900 times.

1 in 88 children in the United States has autism. More autism cases in children will be diagnosed this year than AIDS, cancer and diabetes combined.

Chloe hopes to one day be a guest on the day time chat show hosted by Ellen Degeneres. "I want to be on the Ellen show so that I could talk about autism and maybe she could help me spread the word," Chloe said.