Sylvania Township home vandalized with racist words

Sylvania Township home vandalized with racist words (WNWO)

A Facebook post has garnered thousands of reactions after it shows a Sylvania Township garage vandalized with racist language meant to demean Arabs.

The graffiti reads: "*explicit* ARABS," with a swastika in the middle.

The family discovered the racist language when the daughter at the home returned from a trip to the gym, and saw her garage door and her mailbox had been vandalized.

According to the family, she immediately ran inside to check on her mother who was in the home at the time.

Ali, a close relative of the family, spoke on their behalf to NBC 24 and said he believes this was meant to harm their family emotionally.

“I don’t think they hate us. I think that was to hurt us," said Ali, who wished to exclude his last name from this story.

He also believes they're trying to cause a divide.

“They’re trying to separate us. They’re trying to hurt us. They’re trying to label us in a group of people; we’re not like that," said Ali.

When asked what he would say to the person or persons who did this if he had the chance:

“Be a little more creative, that’s terrible and tacky, it was just for the purpose of hurting us ,there was no thought that went into that, maybe a little bit of planning, but the person who did this have no intellectual capacity," said Ali.

Plans on how to approach either painting over the door or replacing it are being discussed at the moment, according to the family.

The Sylvania Township Police Department released this statement:

"The Sylvania Township Police is investigating an incident in which someone spray painted a swastika and vulgar message on the garage door of a Township resident during the evening of January 10, 2017.

At this time, we do not have any suspects. If you have any information regarding this incident, please call The Sylvania Township Police at (419)-882-2055."
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