Sylvania's 55th arts and crafts festival

Green glass beads to be added to a necklace

Sylvania's 55th annual arts and crafts festival was held today at the Tam-O-Shanter located on 7060 Sylvania Avenue.

The festival was formerly held at Lourdes University. This is the first year the festival was held at the Tam-O-Shanter.

Around 70 vendors were selling their 100% hand-crafted products. Products ranged from metal work, to glassware, quilts, jewelry and home décor.

The festival is offered the Sylvania community to promote the arts.

Kyle Schaetzke, who organized the festival, commented on how the event has lasted 55 years.

Schaetzke said, "there is a strong art-base here, in the Sylvania community, so with that you have longevity with 55 years."

As for the future of the festival, Schaetzke said, "we plan on keeping it around here for quite awhile."