TARTA making changes to bus routes

TOLEDO, Oh. (WNWO) -- TARTA is changing its bus routes. They say, it's to provide service where the metro area is seeing growth.

TARTA's changes are primarily focused in Sylvania. But some customers say other locations and routes could use some modifying.

People in our area use TARTA buses to get around on a regular basis.

"Almost every day," says Jo Rita Fox, who lives in North Toledo.

And for some, it does the job.

"They're very useful and very effective,” says Fox. “I don't have a lot of trouble getting where I need to be."

But for others...

"There's a certain place you want to go and you can't," says Rebecca Blair, who lives in East Toledo.

The reduced hours and canceled routes over the years have left some customers disappointed.

"TARTA used to be opened until 11:30pm and they've shortened it so much and it's kind of hard to get somewhere and especially when you're looking for employment," she says.

People like Blair say they would like to see more attention paid to downtown and on the weekends. These new route changes aren't what they had in mind.

"It's basically putting our resources to where the folks want to go and matching our customer demands with where our routes are," says James Gee, general manager of TARTA.

Based on heavy demand for travel to and from the new King Road Branch Library and development in West Toledo, TARTA is replacing route 22, which already serves the Franklin Park mall and Lourdes University. TARTA wants to extend service to the library and nearby shopping centers along Sylvania avenue.

"The library is a brand new facility for the city and the township of Sylvania, and additionally, we have a lot more jobs opening up on that side of the services,” he says. “So we want to make sure we are able to serve it and get our customers where they need to go."

But with additions, come cancellations. Route 7, Sylvania Township Express, and Route 42, the Miracle Mile Express, are scheduled to be cancelled.

TARTA admits it has a limited amount of resources. But they're hoping adding this new route and eliminating others will help allocate resources more efficiently.

"As long as I know where it's going and I'm able to get there, that's all that matters to me," says Blair.

The proposed changes are scheduled to take effect March 19th. Questions and concerns are due by next Wednesday.

You can email them to info@tarta.

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