Teacher suspended for behavior in surveillance video

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Surveillance video of a Riverdale kindergartener being pushed by a teacher is shocking parents and students throughout northwest Ohio and the nation.

On Thursday, the 6-year-old in the video, Ian Nelson, was home trying to get his mind off of what happened by playing video games, according to Ian's father, Anthony Nelson.

"He's really withdrawn with it. You talk about it around him, he just doesn't want anything to do with it," explained Anthony.

Anthony Nelson said his son is doing better. Anthony said he was irate when he saw the video.

"I was flabbergasted, what do we do? This is not ok," Anthony said.

Nelson contacted the school to find out what it planned to do.

The district put teacher Barb Williams on a unpaid, 10-day suspension.

"A 10-day suspension is not good enough. A bully is a bully, and it should be treated the same way. Zero tolerance should mean zero tolerance to a teacher or a student," explained Nelson.

According to Riverdale Local Schools, Williams is a 14-year district veteran with no past issues.

"A lot of people request her for kindergarten. She's on the list sometimes, parents say they like to have this teacher," said Riversale Superintendent Eric Hoffman. "In the past, she always was requested at a very high rate."

"What we had personally was a bad experience," said Anthony.

Officials said the sheriff's office has a copy of the video and is in the process of reviewing it. The next step in the process will be to send their findings to the prosecutor's office, a move which is expected early next week.

WNWO attempted to contact the teacher at her home, as well as through her Facebook page, but has not heard from her.