Teachers may carry guns

The Buckeye Firearm Association is taking on the task of educating teachers in the use of guns.

"Teachers who are voluntarily interested in serving to carry a firearm in school for the protection of the children," says Buckeye Firearm volunteer Michael Temple.

This comes after the mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementar in Newtown, Connecticut. And often gun laws are brought to the forefront, instead of addressing other key problems.

"This particular issue that we're facing with the tragedy in the schools isn't about guns at all. It's about protecting the children and being safe," says Temple

Buckeye Firearms has seen over 800 applications come in for these classes. And their idea could possibly be used as a model that could potentially set the standard for training of this nature across the country.

Locally, however, Toledo Public School officials say their current policies will stay intact for now.

"We have a policy within our district that prohibits weapons in our schools. We'll continue to enforce that policy," explains Jerry Pecko, Superintendent of TPS.

According to Ohio law, a teacher with a conceal carry license can carry a gun on school grounds if the district allows it. Which currently TPS does not.

"They can allow teachers to carry if they make an exemption within the school system themselves. State law does allow that," says Temple.

According to Pecko, there safety measures in place should something happen.

"We have cameras throughout the interior of our buildings. On the outside of our buildings, surrounding our buildings," says Pecko.

He says there are also lock systems in place that can prevent people from entering the building, as well as Toledo police officers stationed at area high schools officers and security personell throughout the area.

But all said safety measures hasn't curbed the interest of teachers being ready to protect themselves, and the students.

These teachers are being asked to be in area where they cannot defend the children that they are in charge of. That they cannot protect them. And this is a program that would allow them to do that," says Temple.

They say they expect more people to sign up in the near future, and are currently talking with schools and dostricts that they cannot disclose at this time.