Teen suspect confesses to West Toledo rape

Fontenet went before a Juvenile Court Magistrate Wednesday morning.

Toledo Police say the 15-year-old charged with the alleged rape of an autistic woman in West Toledo has confessed to the crime.

Sgt. Sam Harris of the Special Victim's Unit says Anfereney Fontenet made the admission while being questioned by detectives at his home early Wednesday morning. "He used a pair of scissors and approached the victim from behind and put the scisoors to her throat, took her to the ground, removed her pants and raped her right on the side of the street," Sgt. Harris said.

Fontenet was vague on motive. "We asked the suspect what his motivation was and he didn't give us a legitimate answer other than he saw her walking alone and decided he was going to have sex with her one way or the other," Sgt. Harris said.

A sullen Fontenet appeared in court Wednesday morning, accompanied by his parents. He was charged with delinquency in connection with rape and robbery.

A trial date has been set for Feb. 2. Prosecutors will meet later this week to determine if Fontenet will be tried as an adult.