Teen with autism bullied into revolting 'ice bucket' challenge

Kids and adults in Colorado complete the ice bucket challenge.

BAY VILLAGE, Ohio (AP) - Police say they are outraged over treatment of a special needs student who had a bucket of feces and body fluids dumped on him in what he reportedly was told was part of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.


Northeast Ohio Media Group

reports that Bay Village police chief Mark Spaetzel says video of the incident is one of the most disturbing things he's ever seen in his law enforcement career. He calls it "reprehensible."

WJW TV in Cleveland reported this week that the autistic teen's mother discovered the video on his cellphone.

The bucket allegedly had feces, urine and spit. Spaetzel says police are investigating and will bring charges when they identify those responsible.

School officials in the suburban district say they will discipline any student involved.


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