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      Terra State Community College joins bachelor's degree partnership

      Gregory A. Guzmán and Jerome Webster signed the agreement this week.

      TOLEDO - Terra State Community College joins other community colleges in northwest Ohio that have formed a bachelor's degree partnership for their students.President Gregory A. Guzmn of Herzing University in Toledo and President Jerome Webster of Terra State University signed the agreement this week.Herzing University in Toledo and Northwest State Community College have already become part of what is called Partnership for Affordable College Education program (P.A.C.E).It was created in an effort to make it cheaper for students wanting to get their bachelor's degree.Students who participate in the program would complete two-thirds of their coursework at either Terra State Community College or Northwest State Community College. Afterwards, students finish their final three semesters of their coursework at Herzing University in Toledo.Each institution gets regional accreditation that allows the class credits to transfer.Herzing University has been working on an agreement with other community colleges including Monroe County and Owens.