Testimonies begin in Daniel Clay murder trial

Prosecutor points to the location where the Halloween Party took place.

Monroe County, Michigan (WNWO)-- On October 25th 2014 Chelsea Bruck told her mother "I love you", before leaving to go to a Halloween party in a hand-made Poison Ivy Costume.

That night was the last time Bruck would see her mother or anyone else. She was declared missing the next day. Articles of her clothing-- including red shoes, a wig and the leotard she wore--not being found until months later leading to the arrest of Daniel Clay.

Tuesday began the first day of testimonies in the murder trial of Clay.

NBC 24's Toi Creel was in the Monroe County District court where the trial took place.

Graphic pictures, poster boards, and the clothe's Bruck wore were all brought up in court, but before those were even presented judge Daniel White granted the Prosecutor's motion to eliminate testimony regarding prior sexual history.

This request had much to do with the discussion of erotic asphyxiation-- the act of increasing sexual excitement by limiting the air supply i.e. choking-- a term used frequently in the case.

Throughout the opening statement the Defense attorney argued not if Clay actually committed the crime, but whether it was his intent, suggesting the two had engaged in rough consensual sex.

There was a variety of evidence presented, both physical-- such as Bruck's costume from the night that tested positve for Clay's DNA -- but also verbal.Testimonial evidence was also taken into account, such as Clay statements and actions before his arrest including a voicemail left on his ex girlfriend's phone , who also attended the party, saying "I'm going to be gone for a long time."

The trial is anticipated to continue throughout the entire week. Clay is expected to testify during that time.

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