Thanksgiving dessert: Winter

A powerful cold front has wisked warmth and rain showers to the east and left us in a wind whipped ice box. Quite the shock to our systems after the sun and 60s of Thanksgiving day. Winds will gust to 40 mph this afternoon as temps plunge into the lower 30s. Feels-like temps will deliver apparent temps into the lower 20s at times and we will likely see a few scattered snow showers to add insult to injury.

The cold stays with us for the holiday weekend and the BIG Buckeyes/Wolverines game tomorrow in Columbus. Lows fall into the mid and upper 20s overnight with windchills in the teens. Saturday will be cold and raw with highs in the mid 30's and winds making it feel like we're in the 20s throughout the day. The possibility of snow showers sticks around too as mostly cloudy skies prevail.

Sunday isn't a whole lot better. Yes, we will likely see some sunshine but highs won't be getting out of the 30s.

The models are in disagreement as to what will happen early next week - but one of my favs, the GFS, is indicating the chance of accumulating snows on Tuesday. Stay tuned...