"The Family Puppy" prepares to open at Westfield Franklin Park Mall

The Family Puppy is set to open at Westfield Franklin Park Mall.


new business is moving into the
Westfield Franklin Park Mall. It's a puppy store, but not everyone is happy, in fact some are hoping to stop the doors from opening.

In October, pet retailer "The Family Puppy" will open at Westfield Franklin Park Mall. But dog advocate Jean Keating - with "The Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates" - says potential shoppers aren't just getting a pet."They're supporting people who run puppy mills, which is nothing more than a large scale breeding facility where it's for money," explains Keating.


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Keating say people pay a fee at shelters, and those fees go towards vaccinations and spaying and neutering. Keating argues when people shop at pet stores, like "The Family Puppy," puppies held at area shelters don't get adopted.

"The Family Puppy" is owned by John and Debbie Stottele who own five stores in Michigan. John Stottele disagrees with advocates like Keating who call his business a puppy mill. He argues his store provides the consumer with more options than just a shelter. "We believe the consumer has a choice. We don't think it's right to say 'only adopt.' We think it's good to adopt and if you can do that, we want that to happen."

The store is expected to open in October. Advocates like Keating say a petition is being made to boycott the entire mall until the pet store is gone.

To get more information for about "The Family Puppy," visit their website.

If you want to get information about "The Ohio Coalition for Dog Advocates visit their website.