The flu season is starting off aggressive

Masks help prevent the flu from spreading

The flu is becoming widespread, early on this season.

Kris Brickman, the Medical Director of the Emergency Department of the University of Toledo comments about the severity of the flu this season. Brickman said, "we do know it is a very early flu season. It is hitting very hard, people are a lot sicker and the vulnerable populations are already the ones that are running into problems."

Those with the flu, so far this season, are most commonly having heavy-hitting respiratory issues, such as pneumonia. Some have gastrointestinal complications, experienced nausea, and vomiting. Other symptoms include- sinus congestion, a sore throat, coughing, or a cold.

When feeling flu symptoms coming on, or notice someone with symptoms, options to prevent spreading are to wear a mask, avoid coughing in your hands, instead cough on your elbow, avoid shaking hands and rest when you need to rest.

It is important to start drinking fluids, when flu symptoms are recognized.

Kris Brickman said, "the biggest problem that I see, that we commonly find with the flu, is that people have been sick for days, you do not feel like drinking, you do not feel like eating and you end up getting dehydrated and so the best thing you can possibly do when you feel yourself starting to get sick is just keep the fluids running."

When contacting a doctor, a primary care physician or pediatrician is the best way to handle it. An appropriate time to go to the Emergency Room is when someone is experiencing significant shortness of breath, high fever, chills, or persistent vomiting.

The current flu shot does target this virus causing problems. Brickman suggests for people to get a flu shot soon. "I can not encourage people enough to go out and get the flu shot, because it is not too lateâ?¦ anybody who is in contact with the public, anybody who is in contact with health care, I think has to have their flu shot," Brickman said.

Those who have had the flu and have since recovered, the flu can strike again.

Brickman commented saying, "I would not want anybody to relax after you have had the flu and recovered from it thinking â??Oh, now Iâ??m immune to getting itâ?? you are wrong."