The Girl Scouts of Western Ohio set out to sell cookies with new goals

A selection of cookies available for sale

The Girls Scouts of Western Ohio celebrated the start of their cookie-selling season with a rally and sleepover party.

During the celebration, the Girl Scouts learned 5 important skills to utilize when selling cookies. These goals are: goal setting, business ethics, decision making, people skills, and money management.

Becky Sarantou, Program Services Specialist for Girl Scouts of Western Ohio commented about the goals. Sarantou said, â??these skills will help them in the future. It is a resume builder, right from the start. We are teaching them the importance of community service, giving back, and being yourself, being unique, being strong in who you are, and looking out for other people, so these are really good skills for girls.â??

The money earned through sales is put towards trips, community service projects and giving back to the community. Cookies have been on sale for a week already, and soon cookie booths will be set up outside of local stores.

Sarantou made a comment about how she hopes the cookie-selling season will go, saying, â??we are really hoping for a great season. We have brand new boxes that have been updated, that have our different skills on them. One of the boxes actually have girls from Ohio on it.â??