The Josh Project organizers prepare for summer water safety lessons

A Toledo woman whose son drowned years ago is teaching kids water safety this summer.

Wanda Butts is the founder of The Josh Project, an organization dedicated to teaching at-risk youths how to swim. Her son, Josh, drowned in 2006.

â??I wanted to make it so another mother and family wouldnâ??t have to suffer as I do and will for the rest of my life,â?? Butts said.

The groupâ??s preparing for their second lesson of the summer. Lessons are held on Saturdays at St. Francis de Sales High School in Toledo.

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This year, thereâ??s a new member on the board: Toledo City Councilwoman Sandy Spang. Spang says she hears of tragic water accidents and feels compassion for the families, as well as hope that the incident will prompt others to get trained on water safety.

Butts took a tragedy and turned it into a learning tool. She says The Josh Project lets her know her sonâ??s death was not in vain. â??And that he still lives on in me and in others,â?? Butts said. â??And his spirit still lives on.â??

Six lessons will be held this Saturday. More information on The Josh Project can be found at