The man behind the burrito: Bruce Wayne found his life's purpose in making people smile

Bruce Wayne spends his days helping intellectually challenged adults and dressing as Batman to entertain others (Photo courtesy of Bruce Wayne).

This past Saturday, Tiffin's Bruce Wayne broke the record for most days consecutively eating at a Chipotle restaurant. With no signs of stopping in his sights, Bruce Wayne will extend his record. But there's more to this story than just a record breaking, it's the man behind the record.

"I thought to myself, this is big, but it's an opportunity to do something good. I'm not sure if you're aware, but Chipotle is going to be making a monetary donation to a nonprofit of my choosing. I've chosen Fact of Seneca County."

He's using his new fame to have money donated to an organization that helps Seneca County residents that suffer from cancer.

This Bruce Wayne isn't a protector of Gotham City, but he is always thinking about his fellow citizens of Tiffin, Ohio.

Every day for the last 431 days, Bruce has eaten at Chipotle, setting a record on December 30th.

In the meantime, he works at Tiffin Developmental Center, working with intellectually challenged adults. He also poses as his alter-ego, Batman, for all types of events.

"One of the greatest things you can experience in life is realizing what your purpose is. A long time ago I realized mine was to entertain people. My name is an extension of that. When I put the cape and the cowl on, it just takes what I do to the next level. To know that people are happy by my appearance as Batman, that makes it worth it."

The record breaking feat has helped Wayne lose weight, and save money. He says a lot of budgeting goes into it, and it's less money than shopping for healthy options.

As far the streak, he doesn't see it ending any time soon. He does, however, see it ending the way it Batman.

"I don't know when the end is going to be. All I know is one day I'll wake up I'll know that's it. True to my word, I started the challenge in the bat suit, and that's exactly how I'm going to finish it."

The amount of money that Chipotle will donate to Fact in Seneca County has not yet been determined, but Bruce and the organization have been in constant communication on the matter.

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