The Original Pancake House gets back to the grill

The Original Pancake House is back in action. / Joe Galli

Ten months ago, the only thing you could smell coming from The Original Pancake House was smoke. But after long hours ofsalvaging and rebuilding, Toledo's famous breakfast stop now has the unmistakable aroma of gooey apple pancakes and bacon frying in the pan.

Owner Jim Cowan decided to turn his unfortunate situation into a positive remodeling project for his restaurant. He modernized the interior, made sure the kitchen met food code standards and even added some space to the once-cramped restrooms.

But it wasn't just the building that had to be refurbished--Cowan needed his workforce. The fire put 30 employees out of work, but to Cowan's delight, 28 came back for the reopening.

With the fire behind them, The Original Pancake House staff can now go back to serving up delicious crepes, meats and of course, flavor-packed pancakes.