The Salvation Army needs your help

With one week to go the Salvation Army red kettle drive has raised $428,318, far short of the $550,000 the charity established as their goal. Captain Steven Lopes, the Northwest Ohio Area Services Coordinator is urging those who can to give. "This year as we enter the final week, we a little behind and people already have been generous but the next time you are at a store with a red kettle and you have some spare change or a dollar bill, if you can drop it in the red kettle we'd really appreciate it," Capt. Lopes said.

On Wednesday afternoon The Andersons announced a 2-for-1 pledge. The store says that they will donate $2 for every $1 that is dropped in the red kettle at any of their four locations in the Toledo area through Saturday. The donation pledge has a $25,000 cap and cash and checks are accepted.

Captain Lopes is confident that with The Andersons pledge the charity will be able to collect the $121,682 it needs to reach its goal. "If you are working and able to pay your bills great, but if you are one of the thousands of families in our area struggling this holiday season you need the help of an agency like the Salvation Army," Capt. Lopes said.