The Snowflake Lady decorates Imagination Station with artwork

Mary Gaynier cutting out a snowflake

The Snowflake Lady, a.k.a. Toledo Artist Mary Gaynier, shared the secrets of her paper cutting talent at Imagination Station on Sunday, December 2.

Gaynierâ??s paper cutting talent is called Scherenschnitte, which is a traditional German art form where paper is cut with scissors into intricate, delicate folk art designs.

Originally from LaSalle, Michigan, Mary Gaynier received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Toledo in 1989. She currently works and resides in Toledo. In 2001, her simple beginning of cutting paper snowflakes for holiday decorations turned into an obsession. Her love of paper cutting, compels her to create intricate patterns using an X-Acto knife.

Mary has won various awards and attended national and international exhibitions for her work. The enjoyment from viewers and the unexpected surprise element in her artwork keeps Mary anticipating her next design.