The Source hosts job fair for people over 50

No age group has been spared by The Great Recession, but laid off older workers have had a harder time finding work. In Maumee on Tuesday, The Source partnered with Experience Works to host a job fair for people aged 50 and over. Kent Kahn, State Director of Experience Works, says his agency provides training to older workers.

"People 50 and over are hurting because once they lose their job it is difficult to get back in the work force," Kahn said.

According to Kahn because of the economic downturn people 50 and older have seen their stock market portfolio and pensions wiped out. The purpose of the job fair is to match prospective employers with experienced older workers. "Older people represent an enormously rich resource, possessing an abundance of wisdom, skills and talent," he said.

Toledoan Stephanie Morris was one of the 250 job fair attendees hoping to find a job. "I would like to work with individuals who are disabled, possibly as a driver or a home health worker," she said.

Many of the job fair attendees spent time at the It Works Global booth. Lisa Riggs explains that the company sells health products and is in search of independent distributors. "We are a wellness company and for people looking to earn a few extra dollars each month that's what we can do for them," she said.