Theft trial for two Tony Packo's execs delayed

Cathleen Dooley

The legal drama surrounding one of Toledo's signature restaurants will play out in court at a later date now.

The trial of a pair of Tony Packo's executives who are accused of stealing thousands from the hot dog chain will now take place in August.

It was supposed to start June 18 but it was moved to August 13 because of a conflict with the court's schedule.

Tony Packo, III and the company's controller Cathleen Dooley are each facing three theft charges in connection to more than $150,000 that was stolen from Tony Packo's Inc.

Actor Jamie Farr made Tony Packo's famous in the 1970s when he player Corporal Klinger on the hit TV series "M-A-S-H."

The Toledo native portrayed a homesick U.S. soldier in the Korean War who longed for the eatery's hot dogs.

The restaurant chain was sold this year after a yearlong family feud over ownership.