They're doing what in the butt hut?

marijuana / file photo

They were installed to provide smokers someplace to light up, shielded from the elements after the University of Toledo passed strict rules regulating smoking. But some people are using not only to light up, but to toke up.

According to published reports, many students at UT don't use the smoking shelters, or "butt huts," because of regular marijuana use inside the shelters. Some students TM marijuana use is frequent and common.

"There's weed in there every minute of every day," a freshman majoring in English told the Independent Collegian. "Pretty much if you go out to any butt hut and sit there long enough, someone will come out there and smoke weed."

The university's policy all but bans smoking on campus except in the specially designed and built shelters. According to the Independent Collegian, drug abuse in the shelters has led some students to try to sneak cigarettes outside in secluded areas. Those that are caught are ticketed and subject to a fine. Students are trying to avoid more serious charges linked to drug possession, one resident advisor told the Independent Collegian.

The university wants incidents of drug abuse and drug dealing reported.

The University of Toledo takes allegations of illegal substance abuse on campus seriously and investigates all reported crimes, said U.T. spokesperson, Meghan Cunningham. Anyone who sees something suspicious on campus in encouraged to contact the UT Police Department at 419.530.2600.