Thieves breaking in, stealing holiday cheer

Robert Lawson says no one was home at his north Toledo house, but it didn't stop thieves from welcoming themselves right on into his living room.

Lawson says the thieves struck within the hour and a half time period that his house was unoccupied Tuesday. He came home Wednesday to find his backyard screen torn and the window busted. Once inside, he realized his 32 flat screen TV missing. Lawson says two cameras and other small items were also taken. And the amazing thing is no body has seen anything, said Lawson.According to police reports, Lawson wasn TMt alone. There were 32 burglaries and breaking and enterings, including two attempts. Police say the number seems high but burglaries are actually down from last year, by nearly 10%.

One man who lives on Northridge drive says he TMs not surprised to hear that his neighbors TM home was broken into. He says his home has also been a target. This is the second time my homes been broken into and its really a concern out here in this area. He says last Christmas his presents were stolen from his home after they had already been wrapped. Right now is the time for giving and its just a bad time.

The brother of the homeowner who was burglarized confirmed that a TV, a PS2, WII and jewelry were taken yesterday. According to the relative the WII and PS2 were Christmas gifts for his nephews.

Police say large flat screen TV TMs are a hot item for thieves. They suggest that people don TMt keep larger amounts of cash in their home. Expensive items such as jewelry should be locked up in a safe that isn TMt small enough to be removed.

Lawson is glad that no one was home at the time of the break-in. His daughter was the first to come home after thieves had hit. He says he TMs still shocked that none of the other neighbors took note of the crime that occurred in broad daylight. If people start watching each other watching the houses maybe we could crack down on more crime, Lawson.

Police suggest that neighbors watch out for one another. Take notice and call into report any vehicle or person who appears suspicious. Toledo Police also suggest installing outdoor lights and trimming bushes away from windows.